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LICA Properties & Trusts

Fowler's Beach

Fowler's Beach is located on the west end of the island, and is a popular beach for known for its calm waves, shallow water, and soft white sands. At low tide, a large tidal pool is carved out in the rocks where children scavenge for shells, baby lobsters, and other native marine life. The beach faces Casco Bay, providing constant viewing of the ferry steaming down the bay, lobster boats chugging along from trap to trap, and fleets of kayakers paddling these beautiful waters. The beach is bordered by hedgerows of vibrant wild Maine beach roses, rosa rugosa. LICA has donated a bike rack for beach visitors, so ride on over, and lay out a towel for a perfect afternoon. LICA has also made a commitment to the people of Long Island, and the Oceanside Conservation Trust to enforce a set of rules to maintain and preserve Fowler's Beach for the enjoyment of future generations. 


Download Fowler's Beach Common Rules



Campfires are allowed on the beach, but only with a valid burn permit. Long Island requires a burning permit for any kind of open burning, and a permit must be signed by both a LICA board member, and a town fire warden. The permit can be downloaded below, and can also be obtained from Long Island Fire Department officers, who are also Town Fire Wardens:

 Chris Papkee  (207) 766-5895 or (781) 367-5896

Justin Papkee (781)-956-0879


Download the LICA Fire Permit 

Fowler's Beach Tide Pool
Fowler's Beach IIv2
Fowler's Flag
Fowler's Beach roses2
Community picnic 2 v2
beach reading2
Fowle's Beach
Beach Fire & Wine
Beach Path
Fowler's Beach View

The Conservation Area

Locally referred to as "The Area," this 125 acre parcel of land is centrally located on the island, and was designated a conservation area  in 1995. The Area is largely undisturbed natural deciduous and conifer forest, and contains a cranberry bog, beavers, and a large fresh water pond. Dirt and gravel trails exist for visitors and locals to walk, bike or ski through The Area and enjoy its pristine woodland beauty. No motorized vehicles, including golf carts, are allowed. 


The Conservation Area is owned by the Long Island Community Land Operating Corporation, LLC (LICLOC). The Civic Association, as the easement holder, has the right to inspect the land to make sure that the Conservation Restrictions are being met and to enforce them as appropriate.

The Community Garden

The Long Island Community Garden was established in XXXX. There are 10 raised beds that grow rows of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, herbs, rhubarb, squashes and zucchinis for harvest. These fruits and vegetables are enjoyed by local families throughout the growing season, and by the entire community at the annual Harvest Dinner and other community events.  

Community Garden
Community Garden in Bloom
Community garden event 2 v2
Community garden tomatoes2
community garden sundial2
Community Garden event2

The Ballfield

The Ball Field is home to organized sports throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. The recreation department utilizes the field for soccer, archery, and other activities as part off its Summer Recreation Programs. Long Islanders and visitors are welcome to use this property for pick up games of baseball, soccer, and football. 

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