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Francis "Tiny" Murphy Civic Award

Because Tiny Murphy exemplified the qualities of a good public citizen, and because it was his habit to see that citizens of the Town of Long Island were publicly recognized for their contributions, the Long Island Civic Association has established a Civic Award in his name to be presented once a year at a public event such as the Town Meeting.

Do you have a relative, friend, or co-worker who is having a positive impact on Long Island? Someone who is an "unsung hero?"

Fill in the form below, write a brief, passionate, compelling story about your nominee that highlights how their actions benefit the lives of others and the community of Long Island. A LICA committee will review the nominations and make a selection based on the criteria listed below:


1. Has had a positive impact on the community of Long Island.

2. Has served the community of Long Island over a long period of years.

3. Has understood and been responsive to the needs of individuals and the community. 


1. Eligibility includes volunteers and paid professionals who are going well above and beyond their job description.

2. Nominations are open to living, seasonal or year-round Long Island residents over the age of 21. 

3. LICA membership is not required. 

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