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Long Island FAQs

To help make your stay with us more enjoyable, the Long Island Civic Association has collected the following information to help you become familiar with our town:


Emergency & Safety


Medical Emergency: 911           Police Emergency: 911           Fire Emergency: 911


Important for cell phone users: Tell the dispatcher (often the State Police) that you are

calling from Long Island, and ask them to transfer you to the Cumberland County Dispatcher.

To help emergency responders find you, be sure to state: 


File of Life Kits: Call Patti Papkee (207) 766-5895. Put lists of your medication and your health

needs in a file on your refrigerator, so EMTs will know this information if you are unable to speak for yourself. 


Lyme Disease: Be very aware that Long Island has the Lyme disease tick throughout the island. The safest way to be dressed when out and about is to be in long pants (tuck into socks), and long shirts. To be safe in any condition, be diligent and use a bug spray repellant that has DEET as an ingredient. Be sure to check yourself, your children, and your animals for ticks, and wash your clothes immediately. Emily Jacobs, Town of Long Island Local Health Officer - 207-766-0092




What are Town Hall Hours?

Town Hall Hours: Tuesdays - 8-4:00pm, Thursdays - 3:30-7:30pm, Saturdays (June only) 9-11:30am

(207-766-5820, Fax: 207-766-5400)  


Is there trash disposal on the island? Yes

Please keep in mind that all island solid waste has to be hauled to the mainland, a labor intensive and costly process. Day-trippers are encouraged to take their trash home with them.


Recycling: In public areas, the blue conttainers are for bottles and cans. Recycling of cardboard, paper, glass, #1-7 plastics, tin, aluminum, electronics and household hazardous waste is also done at the Transfer Station. Returnables collected at the Transfer Station are cashed in to benefit the Long Island Fire and Rescue Association. 


Curbside pick-up: Household trash and broken down cardboard are picked up on Monday mornings, except when July 4th, Christmas, or New Year's Day falls on a Monday. Household trash must be in plastic bags and placed in covered, secured containers. Any trash not in closed bags will not be picked up. Place containers curbside by 8 a.m. 


Transfer Station: The Transfer Station is located on Fowler Road across from the Ivy Hall Gift Shop. Large items may be disposed of at the transfer station, for a fee. Payment is required at time of disposal, using a punch pass system. Punch cards in increments of $10, $20, $50 or $100 can be purchased at the Transfer Station or at Town Hall during regular business hours.


Summer Transfer Station Hours

CLOSED Monday and Wednesday

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. 

Sunday - 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Are there public restrooms on the island? Yes

Porta-potties are located at the rear of the parking lot across from Mariner's Wharf during the summer months. South Beach has a privy located behind a dune halfway down the beach. There are NO public facilities at other beaches.


Is there a leash law? Yes

Long Island law states that your dog must be on a leash at all times. 


Is there a speed limit? Yes

20mph on all areas of the island, and some areas the speed limit is 15mph. 


Day-to-Day Information


Are there church services on the island? Yes

Evergreen Methodist Church - Sunday Service - 10-11am. Everybody welcome!


Star of the Sea Catholic Church - Saturday Service - 5:15pm. Mass: Saturday, June 20 through Labor Day. In the meantime, we continue to celebrate a communion prayer service at the Chapel on Saturdays at 5:15pm. 


Where can I get a newspaper?

Daily newspapers are available at both The Long Island Store, and The Boathouse Beverage and Variety. For daily or weekend home delivery of the Portland Press Herald, call the Circulation Department: 207-792-6000


Is there a source for local island news? Yes

An unofficial town bulletin board is located at Town Hall. The locked notice case at Mariner's Wharf has public notices only. "Unofficial" but newsy notices are usually posted at the waiting shed on the wharf, The Boat House, and at The Long Island Store. Join the Long Island Civic Association and receive a bi-monthly newsletter. Single membership is now $30 (one vote). Family membership is $40 (two votes). Membership includes 6 newsletters a year. Become a LICA member. 


What is there to do on Long Island? 

Ivy Hall Gift Shop: Open weekends only until June 15, then daily 1:30-4pm through Labor Day. Open from Labor Day through Columbus Day weekends only. The most complette gift shop on Casco Bay, not just a souvenir shop. We offer many exciting lines of gifts and beautiful hand-crafts from our island artisans. Located on Fowler's Rd. across from the Transfer Station. Proceeds from the Ivy Hall Gift Shop benefit the ministries and missions of the Evergreen United Methodist Church. 


Historical Society Exhibit: FIRE on Long Island!, June 1-28th at the Long Island Learning center's Dodwell Gallery. 


Recreation: Enjoy our beaches and ballfield. The tennis and basketball courts are located next to the school and are available on a first come, first served basis. Organized summer activities are available for children and adults. See brochures located at Town Hall, the Library, Boathouse Beverage and Variety, and The Long Island Store. Weeky updates posted at these locations and Mariner's Wharf as well. 


Creative Crafts by Towanda: Baskets, pottery, and island treasures inspired by the sea. Retail sales, classes and special occasion workshops. 207-766-2695



Download the Long Island Visitor's Map
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